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Our in-house designer holds an 'Advanced Diploma (B.Sc.) in Design (Visual Communications)' (1997), from Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT) and a 'A Masters (MA) in Design in Digital Media' (2002) from DIT, Temple Bar, Dublin.

Online, the first impression of your company is formed by the quality of your website. For this reason, a good usable design, that gives a positive first impression, is key to helping you stand out among your competitors.

Design - At the DesignTribe our speciality is web design and development. We design and develop a wide range of sites, from small brochure-ware websites to dynamic database driven websites with content management systems which allow you to update your site daily.  The sites we develop are individually designed for each of our clients. Have a look at our portfolio of past work to see the range and diversity of the designs we produce (colour schemes, layouts, menu types, etc).  When you work with us .... we intuitively work to produce a design that focuses on your strong points and highlights them. View our latest web design work or contact us to see how we can help you.

We design with Usability in mind!

Design for the interactive onscreen environment differs from traditional static 'print media' in one major way.... the onscreen design has a 'usability' factor. Website design is much closer to product or industrial design than print design.

Usability means user-centred design. The design process is focused around the end user - usability can be boiled down to 'ensuring the user has an efficient or informative visit to your website'.

This is achieved by creating a design that;

  • is simple and focuses on what is important. Web users are impatient and insist on instant gratification - the key is to help them on their journey.
  • has easily scannable pages.  Usability tests consistently show that most users do not 'read' web pages, they 'scan' them.  This is done unconsciously as user's eyes 'scan' looking for points of interest  (titles, bold text, emphasised text, menu, images or lists).
  • is consistent in its use of 'in site' visual clues and navigation. The design should reward 'learnt conventions'.  Your interface should be intuitive  (don't challenge your users to re-learn), these day users are familiar with interface standards, use these to help your users and get that 'phone ringing'!
  • is credible. Credibility is a crucial aspect of any business, your website should not introduce any reason for the user to be skeptical,  your content and message need to be on target.  This feeds in to design....
    If your website looks like it was designed in 2004, then users will treat it as they would a document from 2004 - that is 'out of date' and 'possibly irrelevant'.  On first glance, they may have already begun considering the 'back button', instead of thinking......  "hmmm... interesting, will I call / email / purchase?"...

We design with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) in Mind!

In short, the websites we create are Search Engine Optimised (SEOd) by default. They come with a 'Content Management System' (CMS) that has been properly setup to allow for further SEO refinement over time. Read about SEO >>

Logo Design at the DesignTribe

Note: Currently I can only take on Logo Design projects for clients who are also having a website designed/developed.

Design Tribe logoHow better to improve your new website than with a new or improved identity. Bring new life and identity to your business with affordable, high quality, professional logo design. We specialise in the full range of corporate identity design ranging from logo design to business cards, from letterheads to a full corporate identity re-branding. View our portfolio of Logo Designs >>

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