Horticultural Web Design for GableHouse Farm & Gardens


Jeff & Carolyn Bondy

GableHouse Farm & Gardens

When we first considered having a website we thought it might be too much of a stretch for our family run Daylily Farm in Canada to have an impressive presence on the internet. However, we wanted to get the word out.

GableHouse Farm & Gardens

Because there are so many sites and website designers out there in cyberspace, the question became, "Where to start?" The majority of gardening and horticulture sites we found did not appeal to us design wise, so we started searching for websites that were not only attractive to the eye but also functioned without a hitch. Those sites led us to The Design Tribe, in Galway, Ireland - and Ivan O'Grady. And are we glad we found him!.

From first concept to finished product we have been more than well looked after - and now have a fabulous responsive website that beautifully displays our catalogue of plants.
Gable House Farm

The finished site goes well beyond our expectations for eye-appeal and functionality. We feel confident that our business has already improved greatly with this addition.

Project URL: http://www.gablehousefarmandgardens.ca/