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Testimonial below, more than delighted to offer;

My search for good web site design began with a few hiccups until at last, the 'Design Tribe' worked his magic. Previously, I had stumbled across a major printing firm who offered an add-on web design service. Their patchy attempt at web design ended up something short of a disaster.

I popped down to settle their bill, and I got asked nearly twice the price of their original quote. I was dealing with rank amateurs from start to finish, devoid of customer service with glazed expressions akin to zombies.

So it was "back to the drawing board" to get a new web designer, but I did not waste any more time or money, I drove down to Ivan at the Design Tribe and got him to scrap the other firm's internet abuse.

A month or so followed, and I got the website I hoped for. Full content management system, good design graphics and a great look and feel to the site overall.

I must say, Ivan did put up with my bad experience with the other crowd and a my tinkering with fonts and buttons, and a lot of questions overall, but I have to give it to him, he gave unquestionably excellent technical advice.

He is enthusiastic and knowledgeable in what he does and gave me a sound grounding in "keyword" importance, he also sorted out search engine listings and ensured Google friendly code was integrated into the structure of my site.

I appeared in the top ten on Google Ireland for most of the important keywords I wanted within months of the new site going live and my number of "site clicks" were doing wonders.

Also, as an unexpected bonus, the previous grip on me that the hungry salesmen from the Golden Pages had on my hard earned funds, has now been kicked into touch.

Golden Pages charge over double the UK Yellow Pages rates, and they have posted final proofing to me only at the last minute, 24 hours before their print deadline, for the past three years. Long live rip off Ireland.

Also they made a repeated number of mistakes, were chased for invoices, they charge massively for their service and for a large company they offer in my own personal experience, very, very, poor service.

The site that Ivan built for me, has been out-performing their full page colour advertisement without question, with proven results, at less than a quarter of the cost. Static, over priced, printed adverts have had their day.

The internet is certainly the way to go and being as demanding as I am for the best in products, suppliers and value, I have no hesitation in recommending the Design Tribe.

Ivan was true to his word and delivered a quality site, on budget and on time. Fair play to the man, credit given where credit is due.

Paul Sweeney

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